California State University

In addition to the significant state subsidy provided to all students who enroll at the CSU, reflected by its low fee structure, the CSU also dedicates a significant amount of its revenues to need-based grants each year.

State University Grant (SUG) - provides need-based awards to nearly 136,000 CSU students each year to cover a portion of the State Tuition Fee for eligible undergraduate, graduate, and postbaccalaureate students who are California residents. Systemwide, the priority is to award a SUG at least equal to the amount of the State University Fee ($5,472 for undergraduates, $6,348 for teaching credential and $6,738 for graduate and postbaccalaureate students) to eligible students who apply for financial by March 2, who have an expected family contribution (EFC) of $4,000 or less, and who are not receiving a Cal Grant or other award designated to cover fees. Each campus has established local awarding policies and priorities for these funds.

Educational Opportunity Program (EOP) Grant - annually provides assistance to over 21,000 economically and educationally disadvantaged undergraduates. Recipients must be California residents who are admitted to a CSU campus through the new windowEducational Opportunity Program. EOP students may receive a grant, based on need, of up to $2,000 per year.

CSU Campus Financial Aid Web Sites

Most CSU campus financial aid offices have developed and maintain web pages with important information regarding financial aid programs and application procedures. Below are links to CSU campus financial aid web sites.

For More Information

To see an estimate of student financial aid eligibility, including the Expected Family Contribution (EFC), at each CSU campus, see the new windowCSU Cost Calculator.