High School Planning Timeline

7th Grade
All 7th grade planning steps are shown.
High School Planning steps are highlighted.

Start thinking about which careers interest you.
Do you know what you want to be when you grow up? Do you want to find out if college can help you realize your dream? Here are some tools!
Focus in school and maintain good grades by:
Working at developing good study habits.
Practicing managing your time well.
Learning to make the most efficient use of your time can help prevent you from getting overwhelmed.
Improving your reading, writing and math skills.
These basic skills will serve you well in both college and career.
Start researching, preparing and saving for college.
Talk to people who have attended college to learn about their experiences.
One of the best ways to really learn about what college is like is from people who have already been there: a teacher, counselor, coach, or an older brother or sister.
Look into additional academic options that may be available in your area, such as magnet programs and school enrichment programs.
Get involved in extracurricular activities like clubs, student organizations, sports, volunteer work or church.
Don't forget to check out summer programs available in your community.
Have you had a chance to take a class in a new subject? Have you tried a different sport or checked out a different club? If not, now is a great time to try.
It will help you to expand your outlook.