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CaliforniaColleges.edu is the one-stop website for information about higher education in California for students, counselors, and parents. It has been developed in collaboration with the New WindowCalifornia State University (CSU), New WindowUniversity of California (UC), New WindowCalifornia Community Colleges (CCC), New WindowAssociation of Independent California Colleges and Universities (A I C C U), and the New WindowCalifornia Department of Education. CaliforniaColleges.edu includes the following features:

  • Explore Colleges and Careers
    • Explore the full range of accredited public and non-profit colleges and universities in California and nationwide
    • Determine the careers that best match your skills and interests
    • Match schools and majors with your career interests
  • Plan and Pay for College
    • See which high school classes are needed to meet admission requirements
    • Learn about ways to pay for college
    • Create a personal portfolio to track your college planning
  • College Admissions
    • Gather information about the admission requirements at all California colleges and universities
    • Apply online to many of the colleges and universities in California

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