Important Information for Foster Youth

If you are a current or former foster youth, there are a several key steps in the process where you will want to be aware of resources that are available for students like you!

Your Transitional years (18-21):

What to be aware of?

  • Extended foster care - Foster youth can now choose to stay in foster care beyond the age of 18, allowing three additional years of support while you pursue their education, get a job, establish stable housing etc... PDFView brochure on extended foster care and the various benefits you can receive.
  • The Independent Living Program (ILP) or Independent Living Skills Program (ILSP) are for youth who have aged out of care, and can provide assistance with finding a job, obtaining housing or pursuing your education. These services and programs vary by county.
  • Under the affordable care act, former foster youth are guaranteed coverage through Medical until they reach age 26. PDFView more information.
  • Foster youth have some flexibility in high school graduation requirements.
    DocView more information.

What documents will you need?

It's a good idea to get copies of all your legal documents (birth certificate, social security, and proof of dependency status), and to make sure that all documents have your name spelled consistently. The key document for many of your applications, will be your "proof of dependency" or "ward of the court" (Docsee sample from LA County). If you don't have your proof of dependency, you should ask your social worker for a letter.